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Who We Are

Rugtier is a global company that sells the highest quality rugs you'll ever see. Rooted in the past but geared to meet today's needs, Rugtier prioritizes elegance and excellence. Rugtier has an enormous collection; antique, semi-antique, antique rugs in the making, modern, decorative, transitional, traditional, European, contemporary and one-of-kindpieces from around the world. Their inventory includes exclusive hard-to-find rugs not found anywhere else.

What We Do

In addition to selling unique rugs, Rugtier offers repairs and hand wash cleaning services with safe and gentle products.
Also, Rugtier has an exclusive Interior Design service. Renowned for her sophisticated style and distinctive design, Rugtier constantly travels the world to find new sources, up-and-coming furniture designers, textiles, and vintage furnishings.
What we are best at

Our Services

Ultimate Rug Store
View our collection and contact us to order your unique rugs.
Rug Care
This service basically consists of 2 sub-topics. Rug Cleaning and Rug Repair.
Interior Design
Contact us and meet our crazy designers. They will change your life.
Feel the passion.
Rugtier is the ultimate rug company providing the most beautiful one of a kind rugs from around the world.
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