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Rug Repair

Oriental rugs, when taken care of properly, can increase in value over time which is why they are highly regarded as heirlooms and investment pieces. On the other hand, neglect and lack of regular maintenance can cause damage to rugs that could drastically diminish their worth. This can be very frustrating for rug owners. Fortunately, expert help like Rugtier Rug Care’s repair and restoration services is available that can bring back life to old, worn-out, and heavily damaged Persian rugs. For decades Rugtier Rug Care has been restoring and repairing oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and many other types of area rugs.

Rug Repair Consultation and Inspection

Before starting any repair work, Rugtier Rug Care will conduct a thorough inspection and consultation to get a rug profile that our repair specialists can use as a guide to deliver the best results. This assessment will focus on the following factors:Area rug design, type of fiber used, size, and colorsThe extent of damage to the rug (number of holes/tears, worn out areas, color degradation)History of the rug (cleaning records, foot traffic, age, UV exposure)Based on the rug profile, we will come up with a customized repair plan to address all the problem areas of the rug. We will walk the owner through all the stages of the repair work and discuss in detail the procedures we are going to apply.

Rug Repair Services

Binding and SergingThis repair process is necessary for area rugs that show signs of fraying along its edges. A strip of fabric is placed along the edge and bound to the rug, by stitching. This not only stops further fraying but also gives the rug a cleaner appearance. A special stitching technique called serging is also used to reinforce the binding. Arsin Rug Care can guarantee that all our binding services are seamless and blend perfectly with unaffected areas of the rug.The fringes or tassels found in handwoven Persian rugs play a very important role – they hold all the weaving in place and help keep the integrity of the rug. When they get damaged, they have the tendency to unravel and if left unchecked can cause the entire rug to break apart. For this reason, Arsin Rug Care specialists always recommend fringe repair at the first sign of fraying in the rug.
Fringe Attachment and Replacement – Regular vacuuming and pets can cause fringes to get removed from the rug. This can ruin its appearance and potentially cause even more damage to the carpet. Using traditional fringe attachment techniques, our specialists can easily replace lost fringes and make worn-out area rugs look brand new again.
Fringe Cutting and Removal – Some area rugs have longer fringes than others which add more misery to owners when it’s time to vacuum. To ease this problem, ARCare recommends cutting or removal of fringes. While it may sound like an easy task, fringes removed or cut the wrong way could end up damaging the whole rug instead as they form the foundations of every handwoven Oriental rug.
Fringe Add-on and Extension – Fringes have no impact on the value of rugs but they do add to its beauty. It’s not unusual to see many of these carpets looking ‘uneven’ with the passing of time due to missing or cut off fringes. To offset this, our expert rug technicians can add fringes using special techniques that ensure a uniform quality with old undamaged edges.Reweaving and Re-stitching Persian RugRug damage can be caused by heavy furniture, pets, and moths among many others. Most of the time, owners don’t do anything to stop it from spreading until it’s too late. ARCare can remedy this problem with professional reweaving and re-stitching of rug fibers. We guarantee the repair work is unnoticeable when it’s done.Color Repair and Dye RestorationFrequent cleaning and exposure to sunlight can cause Persian rug colors to fade or bleed. While some people like this ‘weathered’ look, most rug collectors and experts see it as the damage that can affect the value of the rug. Arsin Rug Care recommends color repair using high-quality dyes to restore the original vibrant hues of the rug.

Rug Cleaning

Handwoven Persian rugs are highly prized for its unique craftsmanship and beauty. They’re also made of durable natural fibers that can last for generations. But they need to be taken care of properly which is why we’ve used our special knowledge of fine area rugs to develop a rug cleaning service that delivers the right results while preserving the value of your rugs. Rugtier Rug Care only uses its own trained in-house professionals and proven techniques in rug cleaning to ensure you get topnotch rug services every time.

Types Of Area Rug Cleaning Services

  • Persian Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Afghan Rugs
  • Antique Rugs
  • Moroccan Rugs
  • All Handwoven Area Rugs
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